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Doctoral Student, Cognitive Science

I am a 3rd-year graduate student in social psychology and I am broadly interested in all topics regarding stereotyping and emotion, how they intersect, and how they affect our behavior and well-being across the lifespan. To answer these questions, I utilize neural (EEG) and physiological techniques (autonomic nervous system responses) as well as behavioral tasks (IATs) and survey methods. My current lines of research focus on females' experiences of stereotype threat and the stereotypical associations that people make of different racial groups. Before coming to UMass, I completed my bachelor's degree at Northwestern University, where my research projects focused on how facial prototypicality in race and gender affects people's perceptions and how coherence between our different emotional responses correlates to dispositional well-being. Outside of research, I enjoy hiking, singing, playing piano, and listening to Broadway musicals.



Deborah Wu
University of Massachusetts Amherst

Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences 

Tobin Hall 629

Amherst, MA 01003

Lab: (413) 577-3777

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