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Information About the Use and Wear of EEG Caps


One of the procedures we use in our research is the measurement of brain activity using an EEG (electroencephalogram). We use what looks like a swimming cap made of soft, stretchy material. The electrodes on the cap can pick up the energy that is produced by the brain. The electrodes on the cap measure the electrical activity given off by the brain and send that information to the computer.


When you arrive at the lab you will be given detailed information about the EEG cap. While the researchers begin by placing the EEG cap on the head and adjusting the soft chinstrap the child is free to read or watch a short movie clip. To make sure we are measuring brain activity and not other muscle movement some stickers are placed behind the ears and above and below the left eye. A watery solution is put into all the holes in the cap. The child's head will get slightly wet but will not be soaking or drip. Once this is done the child will be asked to play a short game with the cap on. After the game is finished we will take the cap off and the child gets to go home with a prize!



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